Wedding dress progress

A while a go I briefly mentioned that I was going to make a wedding dress for a customer. Last Monday the bride came around to my house for a fitting so I could get onto making the dress. She tried the muslin I had made up for to the measurements she had give to me weeks before. The dress only needed a few alterations on the shoulders and the waist. I was quiet happy with it and so was she. It's so nice getting to meet in person. With most Etsy and Dawanda sales, you don't ever get the chance to do that. Anyway, I started with actual dress after the fitting and got to finish lining, netting and the silk layer so far. You can get a good idea of how it's going to look already. I still need to clip the seam allowance around the neck, add the zipper, hem it and add the lace detail. More pictures one the progress I am making soon.

muslin front
muslin back
silk layer over lining and net. It's not as shiny as it looks
with cap sleeves added
close up of the bodice

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  1. very pretty and pretty surreal! can't wait to meet it in person.