New old patterns

I went online pattern shopping on Ebay. Since I am now hooked on the quickie 60s style dresses I have gone a bit wild on pattern shopping. Be prepared to see these little dresses made up in (hopefully) the near future.
I love the sailor collar on this one. Anything nautical and I'm up for it.
I think this is oozing Mad Men, just like a picture of Joan and Bettie, don't you think?
Very simple style but I can already see all the versions you can make from a pattern like this.
A little fuller than the previous ones. Again quiet Mad Men, isn't it?
I am not sure about this one. It's very straight. I might have to alter that to be a bit more fitted. Straight cuts don't suit my shape. If it works once it's a bit more fitted around the waist, it could be a favourite.

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