Semi Domestic Goddess

Why semi? It's my friend Julie's birthday tomorrow and I promised her a cake. I bought some cake mixes (this is where the whole thing becomes semi...it's out of a box but I still made it.....) in Germany and Dave picked this one for her:
So I baked
And filled the cake with
and decorated
And of course messed it up. I'll get some sugar writing tomorrow and try fixing it. It'll probably mess it up even more but hey it all about the efford and thought. Right? At least it has Mr Men candles which keeps the special factor high.
It's an 18x?+?=18 and a bit birthday so not being able to read the cake is not that bad. Anyways I hope she's having a lovely day tomorrow. XXXXX  My super awesome friend and business partner Julie. Have a great birthday, all the very best in the world and of course lots of shoes!!!

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