Creative Spaces

I thought I share my beloved workspace with you today. This is where all my little creations come together. Most of them anyway. I am so happy that me and my husband have found a house that has space for me to have my own workroom. Most of the time this place is in state of chaos but today I thought it looks good enough to share with everyone.
My desk and collection of endless amounts of stuff and tatt as my husband would say. I call it essentials
A very empty rail of finished projects. Most of them are already packed up for the upcoming Vintage Fair in Brentwood my friend Julie and I will be attending. And on the dummy is my latest project still unfinished in this picture. And finished in the next: Appologies for the lack of make up and hair but I just wanted a quick picture of the finished result. It was late and I went to bed straight after. How perfect are the buttons? I bought them a while ago and finally had the perfect piece for them to go with.

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