New Patterns

I received a bunch of vintage patterns today. I bought them on etsy a few days ago. I love etsy!!! Although I am having a little trouble with an indecisive customer at the moment, and no matter how helpful I am, it's all wrong. Anyway, I am not put off by any of this. Here are a few pictures of the patterns I am itching to sew. Has anyone made any of the styles before?


  1. Mom and I made S 7727 over and over again. It was our go-to pattern for blouses. I loved the red style best. Also, with the wide cuffs, it took less material, so we were able to get it out of remnants that we would find.

    When we were making it, it was NOT vintage. . .wow, am I showing my age.

  2. How is the fit of them? I made the 8002, well I tried but the fit is awful. I tried altering it but I still don't like it. I might see if I can cut something else out of the material instead. Maybe a blouse? It looks like a very versatile pattern.