A bunch of tops...

I have been very busy lately making up some little tops and blouses. My mother in law had a button back gingham summer top that she loves so much and has worn to death last summer so she asked me if I can make her something similar to that.
This also gave me a great idea for a Christmas present for her. I am lucky she doesn't read my blog regularly..only if I tell her there is something new and possibly of interest to her. In case you are reading this now Di, STOP and get back to work. Catch up after Christmas....
 This is the top she gave me to copy
 This was my 1st attempt at a button back top. I added little cap sleeves because I think they are cute.
 I pinned the top at the back so you can get a better idea of the fit. My mannequin is so tiny, everything in real people sizes looks like a sack on her.
 The back
 This is the one I will give to my mother in law for Christmas.

Love the flowers on the buttons

I have also made up some lovely bow tie blouses which I will share with you next time.


  1. So pretty! I love that rose fabric.

  2. Gorgeous! Lucky mother in law! Just stumbled across your blog today, I think it was from So Zo.