Weekend find/fabric bargains

I spend last weekend with my in laws because I am going home to Germany for the holidays and wont get to see them before Christmas any more. Although I went without hubby I had a brilliant time as usual. We went charity shop thrifting and I found lots of lovely bits and bobs for friends and family for Christmas. Unfortunately all presents are wrapped up before I thought about taking pictures. I did treat myself to a little something though and bought a Fred Astaire book.
I also got a lot of fabric bargains while I was up north.

 navy striped Jersey for some nice nautical tops
 two checks for some shirts...I love making them...
 some Christmas fabric that I will turn int some napkins for Christmas dinner
 And pictures from the book, enjoy!!


  1. Did you find that fabric at the charity shops? Never been lucky to find some at one. Did find some at a car boot sale yesterday but seller was trying to pull one on me saying it was rare vintage fabric and trying to charge a fortune. It was a nice fabric but a normal novelty one.

  2. The fabric isn't from a charity shop. I'm not that lucky either. It was still cheap as it was all reduced which makes me a happy girl.
    I find a lot of people have started to realise that vintage is a tag that instantly ups the price because there is a lot of interest. It's very hard to find a bargain these days....

  3. You're right about the vintage tag, which is a shame actually!