and again...more blouses

I have been busy making more tops this week transforming last weekend's purchase into something wearable. I used the same blouse pattern as for the bow tie blouses but left the collar on them plain for a more casual look. I thought it suited the material better. Sometimes less is more...

The last one will be a Christmas present for my mum. Both my mum and my mother in law will end up in the same fabric, just different styles. I also made one for my sister in law but didn't take a picture before I wrapped it up....this is what happens if you do everything last minute... Hopefully I'll get one from her once she has opened her presents.
I am off to Germany tomorrow so there wont be much sewing in next two weeks unless I can't live without it for so long and use my mum's machine.
Have a lovely Christmas everyone and thank you so much for reading my blog and all your lovely comments. Also thanks to all you lovely bloggers out there for your inspiring posts and useful tips. As a new years resolution I want to be a bit better at commenting on your posts too.


  1. Wow these are gorgeous too, good to know that the pattern works well with and without the pussy bow!

  2. I love the simple lines - and the floral fabric is really cute!

  3. The check fabric really shows the pretty detail, like the gathering into the neck and sleeves (and your clever cutting!). The floral is just gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you too!