Lena Hoschek Autumn/Winter 2013

Last night I watched the Lena Hoschek Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion show at Mercedes Benz fashion week in Berlin. As always, I am a fan of most of her collection. Lena Hoschek is one of my favourite designers. I think you can guess that.
This collection is drifting a little away from her usual all retro style and includes some punk elements (you can tell she has worked for Vieveienne Westwoos in the past) but not too far for me to still love it.
See for yourself:
 Some of my favourite looks:
I am always on the look out for inspiration and new designers (or new to me designers).
Any sugestions? Who/What inspires you?


  1. This is a beautiful collection. I find it difficult to sort through the numerous designers putting work out. I don't follow anyone regularly.

  2. She's one of my fav's too. Google Ulyana Sergeenko.. Amazing! Especially her first 2 seasons. Katie Ermilio - for little sewing ideas here and there.. Frommetoyou (AnnStreetStudio) is a beautiful photography blog - Jamie not only wears vintage inspired clothing but she does a lot of fashion shoots (Katie Ermilio, Oscar) and if anything looks vintage she'll defiantly be taking photos of it. It's a beautiful site.