Knitted vest, high waist trousers and that mint green blouse again....

Just a quick weekend outfit post including a new knitting project. I knitted this vest while I was in Germany in December. I kind of toured all across the country from Duesseldorf to Berlin, visiting friends and family along the way (and any Christmas market that I came across!!!!) This left me with lots of dead time on trains and planes which I used to indulge in some knitting.

This is the result of all that knitting. A dark teal coloured vest. The pattern is again from Fitted Knits, just like this jumper and this bolero. It was the first knitting project that involved a little more pattern work that the previous ones. I really enjoyed making it, as just plain knitting or purling can get a bit repetitive and boring after a while.
this is the picture in the book (source)
I was lucky I found a wool aran in a similar colour as the one in the book. I really liked the look of it.
I finally got to wear it this weekend. My husband and I went to Henley on Thames for a little walk around town, charity shop browsing and a few rest day (Sundays are usually the only days I don't train) treats.
The mint green blouse came out to play again, matching sunnies and my super high waist trousers
(available here)
beer and pastries, yes please!!!


  1. Ich finde Dein fertiges Stück viiiiel schöner als das langweilige Modefoto! :)

    1. Lieben Dank!! Die Strickerei hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt.

  2. Fantastic work! You look adorable in your outfit. I love knitting during my train commute. It's a guaranteed knitting session each day on my way to/from work!