Work in progress...knitting and sewing

I haven't got any finished and photographed items to show today but there is quite a few things I am working on at the moment.
I am working on my first knitting project for my husband. He is a very picky guy when it comes to his clothing and only likes what he likes. He's is not a vintage or retro kinda guy and I'm not very inspired by the thought of sewing for men anyways. Most patterns (vintage or not) for men are kinda blah anyways and knitting patterns are often even worse.
However we did find a knitting book a few weeks ago at The Works (hurray for being cheap, too) which feature a few designs my husband actually really liked.
So I bought it, we picked a pattern and found wool in acceptable colours (I never thought we'll get it all together) and I got going.

So far I have the front and back piece finished and one sleeve started. A few more evenings and it should be finished. I hope it turns out alright and he loves it and will actually wear it. For now, I will leave you with some great versions of the pattern here on revelry.
Have any of you got this book and made anything from it? Do you sew or knit for your husband, boyfriend, partner a lot? If you do, can you recommend any patterns you have successfully used? Maybe I can suggest some of those to my hubby.
I have seen a McCalls shirt Suzy has made for her husband which could be a success.
I have also treated myself to some knitting patterns from The Vintage Knitting Lady (as if I haven't bought plenty of knitting books recently) and hope to get my hands one one of them as soon as the mister's jumper is finished.
I got Bestway 731
available here if you scroll down a little

Bestway 866
available here if you scroll down a little

 and Bestway 1391
available here if you scroll down a little

I think that will keep me busy for a while!!!!

I am also working on a few new styles for my shop which I shall be sharing with you shortly.


  1. Ooh, love all of those sweater patterns! I could definitely used a striped one in my wardrobe too.

  2. I went to knit hubby a jumper for xmas but by the time I'd added up the cost of the yarn it was just as cheap to buy one.....and it meant more time spent knitting for me! Heh!

    I love the Vintage Knitting Lady site for patterns, the trouble I find is choosing.

    You seem to be a very speedy knitter, how do you do it???! LOL!

    1. I know, so hard to choose. As soon as I go through the patterns I really want them all.
      I knit in the evenings while watching a film or when I wait around somewhere, sit in the car (and not being the driver of course.....)