Knitting: staying warm with this little scrap project

Since my diving into the world of knitting last year and now some projects later (and some crochet projects from many many moons ago), I have been left with several scraps of yarn that I am to frugal to throw away. So I decided to make myself a cowl to keep me warm through the English winter and whats left of it.
I knitted about 90 stitches in the round on a size 5 needle. The stripes are not all the same width as I didn't want this to be too neat. Just a tube scarf to keep me warm. This is a great beginners project and can be made in any colour or colour combination, as wide and as long as you like.
I tend to wrap it around slightly and then tuck it in one side if I am wearing it down like a scarf.
It goes really well with my offensively pink cycling jacket (hello high visibility!!!) and a pint of cider. We were lucky last weekend and had beautiful sunshine here in Berkshire. Perfect for a bike ride and a pub stop.
PS: If you have any yarn scraps left you don't want to use up get in touch with Suzy. She is volunteering for an animal charity called Hula. Some crafty ladies are knitting blankets for the animals from scrap yarn. What a great idea.


  1. Cute! I love a splash of multicolour, very eclectic and artistic!

    Bundana x

  2. der sieht klasse aus!!! liebe gruesse!!!