Another race, done and done...........

Pre race, sporting the ever so popular bin bag look.
My husband and I ran another race this weekend in Gosport. I booked this half marathon a few weeks back after we ran the last half because I am still chasing my sub 2 hour half marathon time.
It was also the first time I ran all by myself. Usually my husband runs with me to pace me and keep me company. I felt it was time he got to run his own race to see what time he can run it in. He was going for a sub 1:30 and ran an amazing 1:27. I am so proud of him.

My super fast husband/running god!!
Unfortunately I didn't make my goal of under 2:00 :-( I ran 2:04, close.
I was hoping that a little speed training after running the full marathon would be enough but I guess it takes a little more than that. However I am happy that I can run as fast without my hubby by my side as I run with him pacing me. That was a big thing for me to accomplish. My plan for next year is to start racing in Triathlon. My husband doesn't like swimming so I am all by myself there and I feel confident now, that I can do it. Plus I will obviously keep chasing that sub 2 hour half marathon. It'll happen, watch this space ;-)

Post race - Sporting my new medal.