Awesome news

Again, it's been a while but a lot has happened since my last proper post.
I have been very busy working on my clothing label, letting out our house (still in the works) and preparing to move. I have been on endless business classes and workshops and learned a lot of new and useful things. I have also found a lot of support from all over the place for my business, reassuring me I am on the right track to success. What a blessing.
And now, the big and very exiting news...........drumroll..............
I have got a distribution deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dancing.......
I have created a mini collection available soon from these awesome guys:
The website is still under construction, launching in Mid-November. For now you can follow them on Twitter for updates. Also join their mailing list for a 10% discount.
I am so exited for all of this happening. Keep your fingers crossed that this is just the beginning of many more amazing things.
I hope everyone is well.I have seen that my followers are still with me. Thank you very much for staying put.


  1. Congratulations Bea, this is such excellent news! I'm now following Toko on Twitter and look forward to seeing your collection ;o)

  2. Congratulation! Looking forward to seeing your collection.

  3. That's awesome news -- I'm glad things are going so well!