What I am working on

I have been working on a few customer ordered lately that I thought are worth sharing on the blog. It's been all about evening wear lately. Apart from orders on regular day wear pieces from my shop I had some more elaborate requests for custom made festive dresses.
Number one is a 1960s emerald green satin dress I want to share with you today. My lovely customer Katja has had a wedding dress made by me last year (the wedding isn't until this Summer) and now she has a wedding to go to this year as well. This dress is what she's going to wear for that occasion.
She knew exactly what she wanted and bought a pattern for me to use. I like that because it makes it much easier for me.
The chosen pattern was this one:
view 3 with the ribbon detail of view 1 added and a big bow at the back for extra detail.
This is where I am now:
The dress itself is finished and the band attached. I will add a net petticoat underneath the skirt for extra fullness although the material holds itself up quite well. Plus petticoats are cute and skirts can never be too full.
This is the bow. I haven't attached it yet. It'll be on poppers so Katja can choose to wear it with or without the bow. I will also change the tie ends hanging down into wider pieces so the match the bow rather than the band around the dress.
Finished project coming soon. I thought since I never show many work in progress pictures and projects it's about time.


  1. This is a lovely dress! I love the color and the sheen of the satin. I have a project lurking in my mind that uses satin but the thought of sewing satin terrifies me.

  2. It's actually very easy to work with, make sure you use a ball point needle though fine enough for the material. This was dutches satin, nice and thick and heavy. I am working on two other dresses one is satin, the other is satin and lace all materials are a dream to work with. Just go for it Suzy, you sew beautifully.

  3. That is an amazing dress! With the net petticoat added it will be gorgeous.

  4. Oh my God! What a nice party dress, sure your client had a lot of praise for your work, really spectacular!