Best birthday pressie ever....

I have been a bad bad blogger lately but I guess sometimes it's good to take a break. I have had a busy few weeks and although I am not short on topics to write about I was lacking the inspiration to actually sit down and write. I have been working on a lot of orders and didn't get much sewing for myself done. I enjoyed making every piece though.
Anyways, the greatest thing that happened while I was absent from the blogosphere was the return of my husband. He's finally back home for good. More than 6 months of separation are over and we are back to normal. After such a long time apart I am sure you all understand that writing blog posts was not on top of my list of priorities.
But, here I am back with my first post, sharing my awesome birthday adventure with you guys. My husband bought me the best pressie ever. Obviously spending my birthday with him was already amazing enough but would you turn up your nose at this???????
He got me a Schwinn Starlet beach cruiser in mint green. The cutest thing ever and of course I had to go on a bike ride straight away. Off we went to a nearly village and attraction (Layer Marney/ Layer Marney Tower) for a picnic outside and a pub stop along the way back home.
We had such a great time, the weather has been gorgeous lately so I guess I'll be out with Betty Schwinn (I called my bike Betty....I know how original but Betty Bike sounds cute enough) a lot. The other good thing is that this bike is literally screaming for cute cycling outfits so hopefully I will remember to always dress up appropriately for her and take pictures to share with you guys.
On my birthday I was wearing this dress with a cardigan I found in a charity shop accessorised with a necklace from Primark (yes I am cheap and love finding things there) and a sweater guard from my grandmother in law.
Happy Easter everyone and enjoy the sunshine. I hope you are getting as much as we are down here in Essex.


  1. I have to confess I missed your posts but happy to find out you have been having a great time :)

    Your bike is gorgeous!

  2. Cute bike! I want a tiffany blue and coral one, I need to start shopping...So nice your hubby is back, I totally understand a blog hiatus for reuniting! Looking forward to the biking outfits you come up with.

  3. Cute bike! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it! I just got a mint green bike too, but mine is a little less fancy.
    Since that photo was taken, I got a basket and a bell for it too. Whee!

  4. Happy Birthday you, welcome home husband... And we've got some mighty fine weather. Beautiful bike too xx

  5. Happy Birthday! That is truly a wonderful present... so lovely!

  6. tolles fahrrad, ist bestimmt superbequem! julian als alter fahrradsnob findet es auch cool. und: du hattest geburtstag? mann, alles gute nachträglich!

  7. Super fun! I want one. Maybe I can convince my husband by showing your blog to him! LOL!