1940s blitz blouse and super high waisted trousers....a sewing/outfit post at last!!!!!!!!!

It's been ages since I have posted anything I have made and it's about time that I change that and start breaking the cycle of blogging laziness. I am trying to ease myself back into it. Not that easy but I remember how much I used to enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts and creations with you guys.

This week I decided to start working on some of the vintage patterns I bought over the summer. I posted about a bunch of vintage blouse patterns in May and finally got around to making simplicity 4139. I got inspired after reading this post and remembered I had the pattern myself.

It was super easy to whip up. I used a very light cotton lawn in a pretty red floral print. I have the same material in green still waiting to be transformed. I think I might make another blouse from it. 

I combined the blouse with one of my Autumn/Winter collection staple pieces. Extreme high waisted wide legged trousers.
I think I am really getting into 1940s designs for the winter. I need more from that period.
 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I did....It was the calm before the storm.We're moving next weekend. Boooooooooooo,not looking forward to the mess but I am looking forward to our new place. It'll only be for a few months until we'll be moving again but that's army lifer for you. Be prepared for possible house/moving posts coming up.


  1. Funny, I saw that blouse pattern on blog too! It looked much nicer made up than it did on the envelope, so I also decided to sew one. Mine's very plain compared to your lovely, vibrant print but I hope to make another soon.

    Lovin' the high-waisted pants too!