A little bling to sparkle in cold winter nights

As the nights are long right now there is nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa with the kitty and a hot chocolate. I had many of those evenings lately but at the same time I felt like doing something productive. evenings
I have never been into beading much or anything else that is very time consuming. I like it when I start a project and several hours later -boom- I have a new piece of clothing or a new accessory.
However when many evenings are spend on the sofa, a long lasting, fiddly project is just the right thing.fiddly
So I decided to spark up a headband just in time for the holiday season.
I have a ton of beads I got from my mother in law, cut offs and samples from the bridal shop I used to work at and all kinds of bits and bobs. It all went on there and et voila:
There is a tutorial on Kazz the Spazz for a similar project. She made a gorgeous necklace covered with buttons. In case you have a few too many hours to spare, have a go yourself. The results are amazing.

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