A day out at Languard Fort Felixstowe, lots of silly pictures and a new dress

On Sunday Dave and I decided to use the day and go out on one of our little geeky day trips. The Bristish Herritage membership had to be put to some more use so we decided to go to Languard Fort in Felixstowe. He always wanted to go and it's only fair to do what the hubby wants to do for a change. I must say, I had a good time myself. There were lots of bits and bobs of old equipment everywhere. Perfect probs for some serious silly picture taking.
picture source:http://www.landguard.com/content/short-history-fort

Happy us!
hooray for more audio guides, my favourite toys ever!! (non sewing related ones)
Dave planing strategically where to go for a drink or ice cream afterwards
then booking a table I guess
Me, shocked to hear that everywhere is fully booked
me giving up any hope for a cool drink or ice cream
Dave ready to fight for my refreshments
but no success
giving it a try myself
I guess I get whatever I want with this baby
Enjoying the day in a new dress
I did get my ice cream treat in the end.
Happy ever after!!

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