Tulips anyone?

I have been very busy sewing the past two weeks and quiet a few dresses to show. I just haven't been very good this week catching up on blog posts. I went fabric shopping on Thursday with the aim to buy some ivory silk for a wedding dress I have on order (I know a wedding dress, how awesome is that. One of my customers fell in love with one of my dresses and was inspired to base the design of her wedding dress on said style, but more about that soon) Anyway, I left the shop with three different pieces of fabric and neither of them was ivory silk.Very successful day huh? I fell in love with this red and green tulip print cotton and sewed it up into this lovely number the same day.
I used two different patterns for the dress. The skirt was supposed to be a gathered skirt but instead of gathering it, I decided to go for pleats. I did a centre pleat in the front and a pleat below each back seam. It doesn't show very much in the pictures but I hope you get the idea.
I wore it to work on Saturday and got many compliments. One lady came into the shop looking for a dress and pointed out she was looking for something like that (pointing at my dress)...hopefully a new customer?? Who knows.
Enjoy the pictures.


  1. This is just darling! I bought the same fabric recently but with the white background - I've been debating what to do with it, between a full skirt and sheath dress, but this has now added another idea to the mix! The red and green look great with your colouring.

  2. Beautiful dress! That colour looks great on.