Juliette Lewis owns one of my tops now

I went to see Juliette Lewis live on Tuesday night here in Colchester. Nice to have a decent gig just around the corner. Usually it's London and that's it.
But anyway, Dave and I went to see her and boy did she rock. Worth every penny and more. Plus the support band THE FEUD were pretty amazing too.
Long story short, we did a lot of jumping, singing and dancing and had a great time. After the gig we decided to stick around for a little longer in case she would come out. I packed one of my tops to give to her which I did. I hope she likes it and runs out of clean laundry on tour so she has to wear it. I need to keep stalking her website, twitter and so on in case it appears anywhere. Probably not because I would think she owns a lot of designer gear but you never know. Unfortunately my picture with her plus top turned out blurry.
Of course this one had to come out blurry.

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  1. Very cool! I didn't know she is musical, she is a fabulous actress.