Happy Easter and a little preview of the Betty Draper dress.

First of all I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Easter weekend. Good food (after weeks of giving up ... for lent) good company and fun activities.
Dave and I have occupied our time with the usual. Hiking in the countryside. It was too cold for cycling, so the outdoor kit came out. I can deal with drizzle when walking but not cycling. I also kind off pulled a muscle and had to take it easy for a bit.

I wouldn't mind living here

Countryside obstacle course...

Of course a little pub stop as usual. Check my awesome non-vintage Lycra look.

I wonder how many ghosts are haunting this place. It's gorgeous!!

We also spend some good time making fresh bread....house still smells pretty good.

And the Betty Draper dress in the making. The actual dress is finished but I don't have the right colour blue for the sash. I am making it separately so I can wear the dress with or without it. I tried the blue I had in my stash (see picture) but I am not thrilled with it. I think I need to go darker. Any opinions?

Anyways, what are you up to this Easter weekend? 

Also, the hubby and I are off to the Isle of Wight next week. Have you got any good tips on where to go, what to do and what to see? We do have a long list of activities but some advice will make it much easier to choose.


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    1. You too, I hope you're enjoying the new house.

  2. Happy Easter. Love your photos...and yummy, fresh baked bread!! O.M.G. love your Betty dress--can't wait to see it on you! I agree that a darker blue sash to match the flowers would be great! It's such a lovely fabric! And thanks for the sweet comment on my Marlene suit...I'm over the moon :)

  3. You deserve all the praise!!! Your pieces are AMAZING!!! Thanks for the love .

  4. your dress looks gorgeous! i agree a darker blue would look much better. i always enjoy the photos from you outdoor adventures as well =)

  5. Love the Betty dress! Can I be cheeky and ask where you got the fabric from?

    I'll just hark back to your previous posts too...I've got the brid print in the yellow and pink but you've got me hankering after the others now too!! :)

    1. Thanks, they are all from Fabricland. I live near one of there shops now so most of my fabrics are from there. You can order over the phone too.

    2. Cool, thanks! I use Fabricland a lot too. I knew I'd seen the Betty dress fabric but couldn't place it.

      Now all I need is to get some of your dress sewing skills! Skirts I'm a whizz at, fitting dresses....not so much!! LOL!

    3. With something like this, make sure you get the bodice right. There are so many patterns out there. Pick one you really like, fit it well and then make lots of versions of it by just changing the skirts. The gathered skirt or the circle skirt are free around the hips. So once your bodice is perfect your dress will be. Good luck and please let me know how it's going.

  6. I've not found a bodice I like yet and they usually need tweaking of some sort. I've tried various Vintage Vogue, modern repro and some modern. I find the vintage ones though don't give you enough movement for your arms. Those 50s gals obviously only had to raise their arm to sip cocktails or something!! LOL!

    So, still looking for a good dress pattern...hence all the skirts for now.

    1. Found it! LOL! I must say, your pic of the fabric is a much better representation of the print than the Fabricland website.

      Even the sales assistant commented on how pretty a fabric it is. I'd not really looked at/noticed it before from the Fabricland website, it was only on seeing it here that I loved it so! So, biiiiig thank you for that! LOL!