MMM round two day 9-10-11-12 including a new dress(actually2)!!!

As I mentioned in my previous post I didn't get a chance to wear any MMM outfits during the bank holiday weekend. My husband and I were covered in dust, dirt, paint and other DIY stuff. I was also very ill all week and weekend that I even forgot to wear my head scarfs. I just wanted to get on with our work and feel sorry for myself....

But this week was much better. I continued with the MMM challenge once I got back home and this is what I wore:

Wednesday: I wore my high waisted trousers and 1940s blitz blouse blogged here before.

Thursday I wore this dress. The picture is not from this week, I didn't take one but I found this one of me wearing it. I never posted it on the blog before although I have worn it a lot during the winter. Its a poly/linen blend I think. I shortened a set of curtains for some friends before Christmas and they let me keep the leftovers. I turned them into a little dress, added a lace collar and et voila..........

This is a shot of the collar detail. I also added a little button. I might do a post on the dress at some point.

On Friday I wore this dress, blogged here.

Saturday: The weather is sooooooo nice again today. I am soooooo happy!!!! After feeling ill and miserable the week before my half marathon race and even worse the week after, finally recovering last week, I really needed this. Perfect for another new dress. I will blog this one soon. Probably tomorrow. I think my excitement and change of mood shows in the pictures.

Tomorrow I'll be running another race. 10 miles this time. I haven't set a time goal though. I want to enjoy it, get sweaty and then eat loads of nice food afterwards as usual. Hopefully somewhere outside.
I hope it's gorgeous wherever you are. What are your planed this weekend?