A little wardrobe organisation DIY

I have a very quick and easy DIY project today to help organise a small wardrobe space.
I have quite a few belts and never seem to be able to find the one I want to accessorise and outfit because they end up all over the place. So I decided I need a place for them all to be together. I bought a small rack of coat hooks and screwed them onto a wooden hanger and boom all belts in one place. I think I might screw another rack of hooks to the other side as well since this one is already full.



  1. Good thinking! I have my belts on a hanger inside the wardrobe door too.

    I have so many wardrobe organisation projects I need to get started on! Thanks for the reminder!

    P x

  2. how do you store your braces? do you hang them, roll them up in a dresser draw or leave them attached to the outfit. i would love to know because i leave mine attached to my outfits but think they are starting to lose their tightness a bit as the clasp is having to go higher every time

    1. I just hang them up with the belts. I never thought about how to store them but it makes sense reasoning your comment to keep them somewhere they can't stretch out. Thanks for pointing that out.

    2. was not trying to point it out but if it helps then your welcome. it probably comes down to what space is available as they do take up more room than you would think. i was told that you should try and keep them folded like the way they come in their boxes and always make them as loose as you can before putting away. but does depend on how many you have to if you have enough room for them in a draw. i have alot so for me keeping them in a draw is way out of the question.