Mailorder 8111 a slightly different shirt dress

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been sewing and a new shirt dress to present.
The pattern is another mailorder pattern number 8111 and I am again unsure which pattern company this is. The design is a bit unusual and not something I have made before.
I wasn't too sure about the big front button flaps as these details often look quirky in the drawing but then not that great in real life.
I made the version in the big picture but forgot the belt loop.Oh well, the belt I ended up wearing with it would have covered it up anyways. It's not the perfect belt to go with it but it's the best I could find in my collection. It's vintage from the1970s.
I also shortened the hem by about 5". Not as much as I took off on this dress but I kind of like it that length.
The skirt is a four piece skirt again. I do like how they drape but I'm still not a fan of the center seam. I also could have done a better job pressing that seam, looking at this picture.
details: the "flappy bits" (that's the technical term for them, trust me) are a bit tricky to get right when you turn them out. Lots of very careful, very close clipping necessary.......
I love the pocket. I think I will stick some pockets like that on future sewing projects. Maybe on the skirt?
Thanks everyone, I hope you likey.
What do you think: Flappy button details yey or nay? Also what are they really called?
I think I need to make something that is not a shirt dress next.


  1. I love the flappy button details!

  2. I am also in love with the flappy button details! They really give the dress something special, I think they would also look good in contrast colours on plainer fabrics :)
    The floral fabric is super pretty though xxx

    1. I like your idea of contrasting fabrics. This would require some alterations though as the front pieces is cut in one. Flappy bits and all. Maybe I will tackle this idea in the future though and separate them from the main bodice front to cut them in a contrasting colour.

  3. I love the button flaps too, and agree that those pockets would look super cute on a skirt. I love all your vintage dresses, and you wear them so well. I need to finish unpacking (from my move ... nine months ago -- sigh) so that I can get at all my vintage patterns again.

    1. Thank you Andrea, oh I know what you mean about unpacking and moving..... we move a lot around (the last time was 14 months ago and I still have some stuff I haven't touched since then in boxes. I guess that will be moved as it is on the hext move..... hahaha

  4. Gorgeous! I love your style (and your hair..makes me miss my red hair)


  5. I like them. And "flappy button details" is a good descriptive name for them!

  6. Looks fantastic! I love the print and definitely the drape of the skirt!