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I never know if everyone is past a new (or better: new to me) TV show already or if there just isn't a lot of hype around it... I don't own a TV so I'm usually behind on everything that's new. If it's not on Iplayer or the other channel's equivalent I usually don't know about it unless I find out about a new show via the blogging community. Anyways I have recently gotten into watching "Hart of Dixie" an American TV show that's been running for two seasons already starring Rachel Bilson. I kinda like Rachel Bilson so I thought I'd check it out and get the DVDs on Lovefilm. When my husband asked me after a few episodes what it was about, I described it as a modern day Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I think that is a pretty much the whole show in a nutshell. Young Doctor from New York City moves to Bluebell, Alabama to spend some time in a practise as a GP before moving on in her career as a surgeon.
Upon arrival the local people dislikes her immediately and she's struggling to fit in. With every episode and every challenge conquered she wins over the community bit by bit. There are also some possible love interests build in, one she can't have and one she doesn't want.... the usual. It's very easy entertainment and great to watch while doing something else e.g. sewing, knitting.... on the side.
Now the main reason I kept watching the show is because it has kind of a Pushing Daisies vibe to me. Some OTT characters, the kind of look/mood of the way it's filmed (I hope I'm making sense here) and the costumes of the women in Bluebell.
My favourite character Lemon Breeland is played by Jamie King. She s basically Betty Draper with a Bree Vandercamp personality. Her costumes are very 1950s housewife-ish and she is the perfect little homemaker with a hidden agenda of course. Gotta keep things interesting, right?
If you haven't already seen the show, go check it out. I recommend it more for costumes and the beautiful setting than the story line.
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Anyone else watching the show? What do you think?


  1. I don't watch, but after reading your review, I might give it a try. The costumes do look lovely...

    1. It's visually a nice show, just don't expect it to be deep.

  2. I don't watch...but I'm officially obsessed with her dresses! Love the pink butterfly one :)

  3. I love that show, I adore lemon