Life lately....

I have been swamped with work last week (read: sewing for other people last week- no complaints!!!) and with my husband off work, moving house in about 2 weeks from now and the most glorious weather sewing for myself was abandoned for the last week or so. I have a few projects line up though. 
The free time I had was mainly spend outside topping of those Vitamin B deposits.
Last weekend:
wearing this dress

this weekend

Yes I wear hiking shoes with my dresses when walking. Not fancy but my feet are grateful for it at the end of the day, we usually cover quite some distances...

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!


  1. Lovely photos. Your dresses are always so delightful to look at.

  2. I call the shoes sensible ;) Your walk location looks gorgeous! I wish I had a path like that here :/

    1. They are actually walking shoes that are part of my outdoor kit. It's so hot here at the moment though and we are spending a lot of time hiking, cycling, swimming....all not very dress friendly. So I compromised this way and threw some ballerina pumps in my hubbies backpack for when we hit a pub along the way.
      There must be footpaths and trails where you are. Just get a map of your local area or wherever you like to go walking. That's what we do wherever we live and cover a lot of the countryside that way. It's so fun and you never know what beautiful areas you discover.