Beach Boys at Number 10 Downing Street

A little over a week ago one of my husbands colleagues asked us if we would fancy joining him for a day in London to the British Summer Time concert series in Hyde Park. It sounded like a good idea especially since the tickets were free to us from Ticket for Troops. 

On the way to Hyde park, we passed Downing Street and our friend Lewis suggested we see if we can get in for a picture. Perk number two, soldiers and police get through the gate to the front door. So we got our picture. Mr. Cameron was out watching Murray win Wimbledon. I guess that's OK on a Sunday ;-) especially considering the outcome.

After that we made our way to Hyde Park. I hadn't checked the line up as I was told the Saturdays and JLS were playing amongst others, which I am not at all interested in seeing ever but as I said, the tickets were free, the company was fun and we didn't have anything better to do. Once we got there I found out that the Beach Boys, or who's left of them, were playing, too. That of course got me interested and I made my way to the main stage to see some legends perform. They played all the classics and a few new songs. Amazing!

 I spend the rest of the time enjoying Pimms for the first time ever. It was love at first sip. It's a bit sad that it took me 6 years in the UK to finally try it.

Is there anything typically British I might have not tried yet? I would hate to miss out on something yummy.


  1. You've only just tried Pimms?

    Welcome to Britain - where the only time we eat fruit is when it's doused in alcohol!

    1. I know, it's embarrassing. But I have had my own body weight in cider I'm sure. That's fruit too, isn't it? ;-)

  2. Ha, don't worry, I've never had Pimms. It's not exactly a typical drink in little northern towns like the ones I've always lived in!

  3. Your vintage hairstyling is so good. The guy in the last photo has great arms.