Lace dress number 2

 This is the second lace dress I made from the black lace I picked up at the same time I got the navy lace for this dress. I used the same pattern I drafted for the navy dress but split the top into a strapless dress and lace yoke to change the look of the bodice a bit. I am very happy with the result because I didn't make a muslin for it. I drafted the pieces and went straight for the main fabric. Lucky for me it worked out great and fits perfectly. I am not a very patient person when it comes to sewing for myself so I rarely do a muslin, which has led to many wadders on my sewing past but every once in a while I succeed.
 I also cut the back lower than the navy dress and used bias binding along the neckline. I use bias binding a lot lately. I love the finish you get.
 And action shots freezing in the back yard again. Has to be done, just for you.
It does look pretty goth but I made it to go to a gig last weekend where that was a much appreciated look. I used to be into that sort of look. Not anymore but with a vintage-y twist I can do it for a night out.
And this is me wearing it on the night of the gig. There aren't any other pictures from that night because as you can see in my hand, I did have a few ciders and pictures after that are just not that glamorous ;-)


  1. Lovely! I had similar lace material, but i used up all of it for making Lace Skirts for my DD

  2. Gorgeous! And I love the accessories.

  3. Ooh la la! This is gorgeous. Looks like it must have been quite tricky to sew - was it?

  4. It actually wasn't that bad. My most fear was that the pieces won't match up after cutting the yoke. There was no lace left to fix it if it had gone wrong (I would have made a strapless dress then I guess) but it worked out perfectly. I'll play around some more and see what other bodice versions I can make out of this. I am really getting into cutting my own patterns these days.

  5. oh that's lovely!!!! any tips for sewing with lace? i have some i'm sitting on right now :)

  6. Thank you ladies so much
    @ quietand.....
    I didn't find sewing with lace very difficult to be honest. The black lace was probably a bit more tricky to work with because it it a little stretchy. The navy isn't so it was very easy to work with that. I basically stitched the lace pieces onto the lining first and then handled them like any other piece of fabric. That's the main trick. Gertie has written some good blog posts on sewing with lace, when she was working on her Chantilly lace dress.
    These three posts hold some good tips on how to sew with lace. And the best advice I can give you...just get in there and go for it. This is my approach to things. It doesn't always work out but a lot of the time it does. Plus you learn so much by just doing. In case you got some very expensive lace there...don't. Get some cheap material first because if you do create a wadder, it doesn't hurt as much.

  7. Hi, I have dedicated a post to your site in my vintage collection:
    Hope you like.

  8. Thank you so much for including me.

  9. Wonderful! You look like a silhouette perfect 50s! Love the pattern, love the fabric and love, love the accessories, it was worth spending a little cold for these wonderful photos on the patio.