Here comes the bride.........such a special one, too

I really wanted to share this dress for a long time with you but obviously had wait until the big day was over and this lovely lady here had shared all the excitement of her big day with you.
I am talking about Suzy of Suzysewing and SuzyPatterns, who (I am sure) many of you who are part of the online sewing community know already. And if not, you really need to go and check out her blog.
Suzy got married this summer and asked me to make her a dress for her very special day. I was super exited as I read and love her blog and it finally gave me a chance to meet her in person, too.
She is such a darling and I hope we will get to meet again sometime soon. I really enjoyed working on the dress as I love the colour combination inspired by a pair of Miss L Fire shoes.

beautiful bride Suzy

the sooooooo very handsome couple
For more pictures and details, check out Suzy's post.