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I finally finished the dresses I started before I went on holiday. I didn't get as much sewing done as I planed but I am happy with the results. One of the dresses ended up being a skirt only. I wanted to add buttons to the back of the bodice but my button hole program wasn't on my side today so I need to save the bodice somehow later and use it separately. The skirt turned out nice too. I need more separates for the upcoming vintage fair www.essexvintagefair.com anyway. I also did a little stock take and listed everything I have made so far. The list is long!!!! I hope it will be good fun and we can make some customers happy.
Anyway here are the recent products.

The skirt that should have been a dress. The picture of the back looks wonky but it isn't. Just the way it sat on the dummy.

This dress is one of my favourite ones I ever made. First of all I love the little cap sleeves and second...check the mental appliques! Julie gave them to me. They were originally vintage curtains and I cut out the cute (but a little creepy) kids.
And last but not least the little floral print one. I think I haven't really changed much of the design since my last post. But it's part of the gang, therefore he it is again.
I was a bit inspired by Betty Draper from Mad Men. Maybe not her colours, she's more the pastel kind a gal. Actually Peggy would probably wear them. I guess they are more her cup of tea. Hope you like!

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