The wonderful world of blogging

I spend yesterday and today sewing. I haven't worked much on any new projects for over a week but I think I needed a little break from my sewing machine. So apart from curtains for the kitchen... not much making at all. Instead I was browsing the wonderful www and found a whole world of wonderful vintage loving ladies out there blogging about their everyday lives. I had no idea. Just like my Mad Men miss out for so long. I mean the excuse for that is I don't have a TV so how can I find out if nobody tells me (I think my ladies at work have given up the old "Have you seen xyz last night?" because all they got was a stare and shrug before they realised they asked the wrong person again) But how did I live my life completely not knowing about all the beautiful blogs out there? I never knew because I never looked out for them. Anyway, as I am slowly reading my way through them I am listing my favourite ones for everyone to check out.
Thank you Gertie for the most helpful one of all www.blogforbettersewing.com and all the other ones for being sooooooo incredibly inspiring. OH before I forget, I finished 3 more dresses. Pictures will follow this weekend.

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