How do you plan/organise your sewing projects and some belated Self stitched September pictures

I know we are well into October now but I didn't get around to posting the last SSS pictures. I must say, I struggled at times. I think the transition from Summer to Autumn was part of that. A lot of my own pieces are very summery dresses. Some of them work well paired with some tights and a cardigan but other just are not made to be worn at any time other than summer.
This has led me to making a list of wardrobe stables that I can match with already existing items in my wardrobe and that work well in Autumn and Winter and might even work in Spring too. I will post that list once I have finished it. That way I am more likely to stick to it and not give up too easily. I wouldn't want to disappoint you readers.
How do you plan/organise your sewing? Do you just go for whatever you feel like, a pattern that takes your fancy or fabric that you see and have to buy? I used to sew like that (I still do at the moment but want to get more organised) Or do you plan wardrobe pieces and outfits, buy patterns and fabrics accordingly and then get to work?
I am interested in how you plan or not plan your sewing projects and how that works out for you.

Onto the last pictures of SSS
Day 21 floral print poly cotton dress
Day 22 The little black 60s dress
Day 23 lilac pencil skirt with bow detail 
  Day 24 Magenta coloured shirt waist dress
 Day 25 was a bit of a cheat, my mum made the skirt for me but I thought it still counts as it's family and it's self stitched, just not by myself.
Day 26, navy gabardine pencil skirt
And then I admit to not taking any more pictures. After the 26th my husband had deployed and I totally forgot taking any more pictures. I didn't wear anything new you haven't seen yet before somewhere on the blog.


  1. I love writing lists when I plan my sewing projects, but usually I work so slowly, or change my mind and make a new list, so I never manage to finish one list... I would love to go through my wardrobe and make a rational list of what I need to make... new challenge for the Me Made March 2011?

  2. I wish I wasn't, but I am totally disorganised when it comes to wardrobe filling. If I see a new pattern that I love it tends to jump the queue on my to-do list, which means that I have far too many nearly finished items waiting to be worn! I guess yet another New Years resolution is in order!!

  3. Good that those New Years resolutions come around once a year and great that they are so easy to break ey? Hahaha. I'm so like that but I need to get more organised> I just have so many pieces of fabric just because I could not leave the shop without them but no pattern for them yet and a pile of patterns but no fabric. A list is in order!!!