Vintage Knit-Along, lets get started

I have set up a blog for the vintage knit-along and hope that a lot of you that were interested in joining me will do so. Please email me at beatricewinter[at]hotmail.com with your email address, so I can add you as authors to the blog and you can report on the progress you are making, ask questions etc. I already added a few videos with basic knitting tutorials that might be helpful. They certainly were helpful to me.
It seems like the evening wrap and the small jacket are the favourite projects. I will add both patterns to the blog in the next week so you can start working on either one. I was thinking that if this gets a lot of interest, we could probably add other projects in the future too. If you want to join the knit along but use a different pattern you already have but like the idea of having a bunch of people to support you or give advice, please join as well. The more the merrier I think.
Right, I hope a lot of you will join.


  1. Hi Just in case its of interest the V and A museum has some 1940s knitting patterns


    I cannot join at the moment but would love to at a latter date - and was thinking of a sweater!
    Love your blog.

  2. Thanks Ginny, I thought I just leave the knit along open for anyone to join at a late stage. There is also no deadline to finish. Thanks for the link and hopefully see you soon on the knit along blog.