Knit-along progress1

I finally had a chance to get started on my knit-along this evening. I went for the angora bolero because it seemed the easiest to me. No fancy pattern to follow, which is good as that is already quite advanced for me. I am not that knitting experienced to follow a complex pattern for a whole garment yet. I tried a few different patterns just for a few rows and it went very wrong. I guess I have to start from the beginning as we all do whether I like it or not. Anyway, so it is the bolero. I like all 3 patterns that were to chose from and so I went for the easiest. Plus the biggest bonus is that the lovely Lore from SEW RED HOT typed out the whole pattern for the back of the bolero to make it easier to keep track. Thanks again, that is just so helpful.
I managed to knit the first 23 rows tonight and I am please with the progress I am making.
I am using cheap wool I admit. I had this purple wool lying around that I haven't got a project for yet. I am too scared to spend on my first big knitting project in case I ruin it or don't like it and then never finish it (which I hope won't happen, that's the idea of the knit along) My kitty was a great help too, supervising the progress of tonight.

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  1. Looks like you're on track. :o) Looking forward to seeing more.