Please vote for me in this competition

I recently joined a Mad Men competition on The Vintage Guide To London and had already completely forgotten about it. I have never won anything so I joined just for fun but didn't think much more about it. Then today I saw on Facebook that I am through to the final. I send in a picture from my photo shoot for my online shop and I guess they liked it. YEY!!!
Please head over and vote for me. The price is a gorgeous vintage Mad Men dress from Juno says hello. I very much appreciate your help.
Thanks guys and happy St Patricks Day!!!
You can vote here.


  1. I love Mad Men! And this photo! I love your retro style :)

    I'm voting for you too!

  2. Totally voted for you, the dress is so beautiful and last count out of 30 you had 27 of those votes!!

  3. Oh thank you guys so much. I love you for being so supportive. I very much appreciate it.

  4. Voted and hope you win!

  5. Hallo Bea,
    leider habe ich niergendwo gefunden,wo ich dich privat kontaktieren kann(bei facebook und twitter bin ich nciht aktiv).wir hatten schon mal kontakt.
    ich bin sowas von begeistert von deinen stücken,immer und immer wider.
    und ich hätte so viele fragen.ich würde mich sehr freuenm,wenn du mir privat antworten würdest(la_femme@gmx.de).
    aber die wichtigste frage in dem moment:was für schnitthast du für das kleid benutzt?insbesonderen derkragen und die ärmel sind interessant...

    liebe Grüsse

  6. Well, I have gone to vote, but I was late and I saw that you have won so CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!! You really deserve this award!