A new pair of jeans and Me Made March day 6- 11

To start off, I haven't got a picture of day 6 (Sunday) It wasn't spectacular, I was wearing the nautical jersey top from day 1 again with jeans. I went for an all day walk with a friend so I needed something easy and comfortable to wear.

day 7
I wore this dress.

day 8
Dress blogged here.

day 9
skirt blogged here and top here

day 10
dress blogged here

day 11
A new pair of jeans and do I love them. I really wanted to have a pair of dark high waisted jeans and here they are. They are made from my very trusted Burda pattern, however I did cut the legs a little slimmer, which still leaves them wide enough for me but not as huge as the patterns intends. I also skipped the front flap detail and added buttons straight onto the main trousers. I need your opinion on the buttons. I really liked them in the shop and I think they work with the red blouse combination but do they look a bit clown-ish? What do you think?


  1. Oh, I love the jeans and I love the red buttons! I think it's a great combination. Just this morning was I looking at denim to make some trousers but decided to go with linen.

  2. I think the buttons are fantastic, not clown-ish at all!

  3. Oh, love all your outfits, but the pants with the red buttons is one of my favorites, no doubt. Love, love, love it!!

  4. You are just gorgeous, and I love the red buttons/red blouse with the navy -- it looks very smart, I think. And your jeans are amazing! I didn't really think high-waisted jeans would work for me, but seeing how great yours look tempted me to try some on while I was out shopping today and I loved them (and bought them -- now to dig into my vintage blouse patterns!) I wish I could make my own, but I don't have the time, nor the patience to bridge that particular gap in my fitting skills.

  5. I love the red/navy combination - it looks fantastic!