Me made March outfits 3,4 and 5

This is what I was wearing for the Me Made March challenge on day 3,4 and 5:
This is my 1960s shapeless sack dress aka the strawberry hospital gown/scrubs. It's shapelessness reminds me of hospital scrubs. Blogged about here.
I did my hair like this after watching Casey's tutorial the other day. She's so cute. I have never styled it this way but really like the look of it. A new hair style staple for the future!!!
I don't know what happened with the light in these pictures but I kind of like the effect.
I dipped into my new Spring palette collection again on day 4.
Red shorts blogged here and checked shirt/blouse blogged here. And yes I really like that cardigan. I have it in 3 different colours. You will probably see all 3 of them a lot during March as I am a wardrobe layering kinda girl.
And on day 5 another one of my favourites. I have worn this dress so many times now and can't get tiered of it. Blogged about here.
The cardigan was a lucky car boot sale find. It's all crochet lace around the sleeves and hem. I love it!! It only cost me £1.50 thank you very much.
Please excuse the quality of some of the pictures. I took some of the pictures in a rush before leaving the house, not realising how blurry they were. But you get the idea anyway, I think.


  1. Cute stuff! I really like the red shorts and purple dress. That purple looks great with your hair.

  2. Beautiful! Your "I made ..." is great fun for my eyes! Enjoying a lot with your outfits.

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