Ruffles everywhere for Valentines day... a little tutorial, design fail and spare hearts

I have been busy with my Lena Hoschek inspired Valentines Day outfit, as far as personal sewing goes, and finished the blouse today. I had the skirt done several days ago and now I can't wait to wear it. I won't be posting any pictures until Valentines day. We have finally booked a table at a local restaurant.

Since I haven't blogged about any sewing details other than finished items some work-in-progress-pictures are in order. I have never done a tutorial before so I hope I am making sense. If not, I am happy to answer any further questions.

The Lena Hoschek blouse has lots of lovely ruffle detail around the collar, button front and the hear shaped front pockets. This is how I tried to copy it.

My initial idea was lace around the pockets and other bits.
I cut 2 hearts out of the blouse fabric. I wanted to turn them inside out later to avoid any raw edges.

Then I used one of the two layers right side up and pinned the lace ruffles facing inwards around the heart.

stitch everything down within your seam allowance(stay close to the edge)

then pin the other heart shape on top right sides facing (the lace is now sandwiched in between the two hearts) Don't stitch all the way around!!!! Leave about 2" on one of the straight sides of the heart unstitched so you can turn the heart inside out later.

You end up with a little poofy heart. Turn it inside out.

Press it and topstitch around the heart close to the lace edge.

I ended up not liking the lace version. It looked too much like a toilet seat cover ;-) in my choice of fabric. Then I decided to make the ruffles in self fabric as they are in the original design.

I did prefer this look but attached to the blouse I just didn't look right. Now I am going without the hearts completely.
I did however keep the ruffles around the collar and button hole panel.
I made them exactly like the hearts, pleated the ruffles between both collar pieces, before sewing them together and between the front panel (button hole side only) and the facing.

Any ideas, what to do with my two ruffly hearts? I suppose I could stitch them on a card for V-day and match my card? Then we don't really do cards and all that. Just food, just another excuse for eating out, you see. And for making outfits of course.
 Any other ideas?

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  1. Hey! How about upcycling / refashioning a blouse with these as pockets? Or funky arm patches? Sew them together for a handbag mirror/powder case? They are too nice and took too long (I'm sure) not to do something nice with!