Mad Men challenge, I'm in !!!

I haven't really been reading much around the bloggersphere lately and finally got to catch up a bit here and there. I am still mainly clueless on what's the latest thing, challenge, project, sew along....etc is but I did come across a challenge that is right up my alley.

Julia at JuluiaBobbin is hosting a Mad Men challenge. Everyone participating is sewing a dress inspired by their favourite character/ favourite outfit on the show...
You can read more bout it here.

I really like the idea as I am a huge Mad Men fan and just added the last 2 seasons to my Lovefilm rental list. They better come soon now as I need some inspiration. I have only seen season 1-3 after that they stopped broadcasting them on the BBC and I couldn't watch them on the I-player anymore. I don't have a television (by choice) so if it's not on catch up TV I am living behind the moon and don't know about it. Anyways, I am now living in the past as far as the story goes but will catch up shortly if Lovefilm is on my side.

Is anyone else taking part in this challenge? What other challenges, sew alongs etc are out there at the moment. I am curious, so please share.

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