What I've been up to lately...

It's time for a little catch up of what I have been doing since my last post. I have not been hiding. Just busy with a  variety of things.
I have been working on a bunch of special customer orders including a satin and lace halter dress to be worn to a wedding this month. I hope my customer Amy is going to have a great day twirling around in this little number (and hopefully she will let me have a picture)

I also enjoyed working on another wedding guest outfit in beautiful taupe silk dupion. 

The wedding this dress is going to be worn at is also this month. I am again hoping for an action shot very soon. There is nothing better than seeing dresses on the person they are meant for.

I also volunteered to try out Suzy's first sewing pattern, which I looooooooooooooove and really enjoyed sewing. Suzy, the feedback will be coming your way soon. Since this is Suzy's pattern and dress to reveal, I will only post a little sneak preview of the dress in progress. 
I had help from my kitty assistant seamstress friend as usual when sewing for myself. I really value her opinion, you know? ;-D

I am hooked on using lace again. Just love, love love lace. If you see my pinterest, you might think I am a little obsessed with it.

I have also been training a lot lately, preparing to run a half marathon in April and hopefully a full marathon later this year (my husband and I are currently on the waiting list on place 14 and 15 so hopefully by October we will be able to still get a place....can't believe how quickly those races fill up)
I have seen I am in good company in Bloggerland with Fleur training hard for the London marathon and Meg running an epic half marathon in cute fancy dress.
My husband Dave and I ran a 10k race just over a week ago. I ran a new personal best of 54:20 on a very hilly course. 

Any other running and sewing bloggers out there?


  1. Your creations look gorgeous! I love that burnished gold dress -- so simple and elegant!

    I'm also a runner ... have been running since I was eight, so over 30 years now -- yikes! That said, though I ran cross country in high school, I am not much of a competitor anymore. I do my half-hour morning run most days of the week, and just Zen out.

  2. I remember from one of your Q&A post on your blog once. It's such a great way to start the day.

  3. Ohhhh so exciting, I can't wait to see it. And I'm so happy you like it!!!

    And that satin and lace dress is gorgeous!

    I have thought about running but without someone to encourage me and do it with me is quite difficult. I tried convincing my OH but to no avail. I'll stick with sewing :)

  4. That lace halter dress is beautiful! I can totally understand the obsession with lace.

    I too am a runner and sewing blogger. I just ran a 10k a couple of weekends ago, and I am also training for a half marathon at the end of April. Too bad my hubby won't run with me, that would make it even more enjoyable. Great job on your personal best! That's a great time, especially for a hilly course. :)

  5. I'm *just* getting into running i.e. Week 1 of Couch to 5km!! But hey... You gotta start somewhere, eh?! I love what you're making!! Sooooo, beaut :-)