Spring has sprung and birds are everywhere

I think I can finally say Spring has finally arrived. I know officially not until Wednesday but the weather was just so beautiful here today.
This means pretty dresses must come out and be worn after months and months wrapped up in winter clothing. My blog has been lacking outfit posts lately. The main reason is that I do not have a lot of winter clothes that I made myself. I am just not very inspired by the cold season.
Anyways, this is the first of a small collection of bird print dresses I have made recently. They have been patiently waiting in my wardrobe for today and hopefully many more warm and sunny days to come.
The dress is a shirt waist dress (you know my favourite type of dresses) with a full circle skirt. I also made the petticoat underneath.

I also liked it paired with pink accessories

preferably without the blue petticoat and a pink one instead. That is still in the making...

I hope you got a chance to enjoy the lovely weather today.


  1. Super cute. I love the crinoline! The black/white/pastel combo is great for the transition into Spring.

  2. gorgeous dress! looks like tons of fun to wear!

  3. I love this! I'm working on a dress this style myself but love the collar on yours!! The petticoat peeking out under it is great. Might I ask did you use a pattern for the petticoat or just wing it? I've seen a few patterns but they seem to make it harder than it really is.

  4. To be honest I just wing it. I just gut the tiers the right lengths so the add up to the total length I want the petticoat to be and the I gather the hell out of it. Maybe I post a little tutorial when I am making the next one. I am going to make other colours. It's super easy.

  5. I'm in love with your dress!

    I would love to make something similar but am a complete beginner! Do you know where I can find a pattern? I really love the collar!

    thanks for any help! (and I hope you don't mind me asking)

    1. If you don't want to draw your own pattern, have a look around the pattern companies for shirt waist dress patterns like this one from New Look http://www.simplicity.com/p-2366-misses-dresses.aspx
      This would be a great one to start with. Add a circle skirt to it instead of the one that comes with the pattern and voila..... Leave the sleeves to get the look of mine or keep them if you prefer.
      Circle skirt tutorials are all over the web.

  6. Thank you so much! I'll go pick some fabric today! Have a wonderful spring!

  7. Oh how I wish your blog had bigger pictures, I would love to see the top part better :)