Not the Betty Draper dress yet but I am sure she'd wear this one, too.

Another sunny day, another Spring-y/Summer-y dress....
I had this tulip fabric in my stash for ages and knew I wanted to make a dress from it. I also knew it would be quite striking once transformed into said dress. But after trying it on for the first time, I was really over the moon with it.

It's nothing special really as far as the pattern goes but I think the fabric print and the colours are enough to turn heads. The bodice ties at the shoulders and a full (VERY FULL!!!) gathered skirt.

I made a red petticoat to go with this one for extra poofy Betty goodness!!!

without the poof

What do you think? Betty or not Betty?


  1. WOW! adorable!
    BETTY! 100%:-)!!
    wo hast du petticoat her? selbst gemacht oder selbst gekauft?

  2. Thanks ladies!!!
    @Sewing Glaxy, selbst gemacht. Ich plane noch ein paar in verschiedenen Farben zu machen und dann mit weiteren super poofy Kleidern zu kombinieren.

    1. woraus? tüll? neylon? wenn neylon-wo kann man ihn kaufen?

  3. Stinknormaler Tuell (nicht der ganz steife sondern etwas softer, jede Menge davon). Organza wuerde vielleicht auch gehen, ist dann aber nicht ganz so poofy.

  4. Okay, this is super freaky! I stumbled upon your blog the other day and was telling my husband, as I am a German married to an Englishman in the military, love the 50s and Lena Hoschek and I sew, so my husband jokingly called you my soulmate. And I made an identical dress from the exact same fabric, which I wore to a wedding last year. Spooky!

  5. That is so awesome. That's a lot of things in common. A lot of good things!!!!

  6. Oh, Betty would definitely wear this! I LOVE IT! I especially love the pettiskirt you made to wear underneath!

  7. Oh my, it's gorgeous! How many metres of fabric did this dress use? I have 3m of the same fabric in my stash. Maybe I should make something similar for the wedding season...

  8. Which pattern did you used? Love the color of the fabric and the peticoat makes it to look great also

  9. Thank you for your sweet comments.
    @ Tilly It actually only used up 2 meters of 44"wide fabric believe it or not. The skirt is only about 23/24" long though. The bodice front and back pieces fitted nicely next to each other on the fabric on the fold. The straps came from whatever scraps I had left after cutting (ribbon etc. Would do the trick too). Then I just split the rest of the fabric in 3 equally long pieces, sewed them together and gathered like crazy. Boom ready to poof.
    @ Lizzy I didn't use a commercial pattern. Just my trusty self drafted bodice block and the skirt is just 3 rectangles seen together (see above)
    Very easy but great result.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful!! And I see from a comment reply above you made the petticoat. How much tulle did you use? And do you have a ruffle foot on your machine?

  11. @ Suzy, I used about 3-4m I honestly can't remember. I had the net for a while. I just went for it as I wanted a petticoat. It's not the prettiest of things (the blue one is much nicer and I have some more colours on order for more petticoats) but it does the job. I didn't use a gathering foot. Just some time and patience.

  12. It looks amazing!
    I wish I was brave enough to wear prints like that, they look so pretty :)
    Oh and your hair looks super cute too! :)

  13. holy mackeral! i am soooooo in love with this dress! amazing job

  14. This dress is too pretty for words!

  15. Hi Bea! I absolutely love this dress - I made a similar dress with this fabric a while back and it makes me so happy every time I wear it, such happy fabric :)