Anyone going to Octoberfest? This might be the outfit to wear....

I recently made this little outfit for a customer up on her request. It is a 1960s inspired top made from eyelet cotton with little drawstring neckline detail and puffy sleeves. The skirt is inspired by a late sixties style. Its a gathered dirndl style skirt with scalloped hem and optional suspenders.
Once I finished it, I thought it reminds me a lot of the outfits worn to Oktoberfest in Munich. Perfect timing.....



  1. :D It's great! I'm not going, but I would wear it anyway...

  2. Looks fantastic, such a vibrant color! Not sure I would be brave to use it.

  3. this is a bit late to comment on but i must of skipped this page. this is stunning! the colour is just beautiful. im loving all the looks with the braces style. dont know why but i find braces and outfits like this with the similar look to be so cute and comfortable but for some reason get nothing but great comments from people. i could dress like busta keaton everyday just for the comments. xx