Autumn shorts, a modern vintage girl mash up through the decades...

I have changed the look of the blog a bit. After years of brown I felt it was time for a change. I am not sure if I will keep it this way but for now I am happy with it. I just wanted it to look a little fresh. Like the Autumn air I suppose.

I guess it's time to pack up the Summer dresses and get the warmer items of clothing out. Or how about taking some Summer staples such as shorts and make them suitable for colder temperatures.
I did just that and made myself some wool shorts yesterday. I am very pleased with how they turned out. They look quite 1960s, I think.


I used New Look 6873 view E and must say I love this pattern. I just remember that I haven't added the little detail on the cuffs but they don't really seem to need it. The only thing I added, that isn't part of the pattern, are the buttons to hold the braces. I got them on Etsy a couple of weeks or so ago and plan to add the buttons to a few more trousers and shorts to wear them with the braces.
I think I will be making the long trousers next.


I made the blouse, too. I tried making them with pre WW2 fashion in mind. I frankensteined the blouse together, added a Peter Pan collar and extra long cuffs for detail. I am very much into making blouses at the moment or separates in general. I usually sew a lot of dresses but with the temperatures dropping and layering becoming more necessary, separates make sense.

I hope you likey?


  1. Love, Love the shorts and the blouse. Perfect outfit!

    Definitely starting to layer up, getting pretty cold out there early in the morning :)


    1. Thanks Suzy. <3 its certainly a lot harder getting up in the morning now and most of the time the weather is just :-((((((( but then it was :-((((( a lot in the summer, too. That England for us, ey?

  2. you look adorable! love the whole look