Retro shabby chic ottoman upcycle

I am really into little home decor projects at the moment. I think this has to do with us (the husband and me) anticipating to find out where our next posting is going to be. Yep, we will be moving again in July but we haven't found out where we are moving to yet. The posting here in Berkshire was only for the duration of an 18months course my husband is on. I must say I am not sad to leave. I will miss the Berkshire and Hampshire country side but I am however not going to miss the concrete hell that is Reading and our neighbourhood here in Arborfield.
Since we have moved here in January last year I haven't really done much to make this house a home. I didn't feel like it was worth it, we were doing up a buy to let house in Nottingham at the time we moved here and spend most of our freetime up in Nottingham. And after that we spend most of our free time outside running, hiking and cycling and again not much time at home. But now I really want to find out where our next home is going to be. We are hoping Germany before we wont have the chance anymore.....
Anyways I am itching to finally have a more permanent home again, one I can decorate and make my (our) own. With this in mind I have started on a few upcycling projects that I can take with us and will fit into any new space.
I bought this ottoman a couple of years ago and hid it underneath some blankets and throw pillows. It looked very worn and tatty and was is very much need of some tlc.
 I spray painted the main body white

got some red candy stripe, red gingham and red with white pin dot fabric as well as some spotty ruffled trim and some wadding to upholster the top of the ottoman.

I laid the wadding on top of the ottoman lid, then wrapped the spotty fabric around and secured the edges with a staple gun.

Next, I stitched the trim by hand around the sides.

I also made a bunch of cushions from the other fabrics to decorate. I used this tutorial for some of them. They are all stuffed with scraps and left over wadding.

And the finished project. Even matching my husbands guitar (wasn't planned but doesn't hurt either hahaha) A little shabby chic ottoman upcycle. I hope you enjoyed this project. I have another smaller ottoman in the same room that I might work over to look similar and then one in my bathroom that could do with a make over.


  1. Hi Bea!

    I am with you on the home dec! It's certainly addictive and satisfying!

    I love this, you're very clever with the design choice... beautiful!


  2. Gorgeous! Such a good idea. I have a similar ottoman at home and now I know what to do with it, thank you!