Running the Brighton Marathon

I've done it! I'm a double marathoner, woohooo!!! As I mentioned in my last post, I ran the Brighton Marathon on Sunday and I can proudly report that I made it through the finish line. It was one of the best races I have ever taken part in, I must say and I highly recommend running this race. If you want an epic crowd to cheer you on, a beautiful course to run along and lots of help in form of marshalls, "food" and drink to get you through the finish line, I recommend you sign up here asap. You can now enter for the 2014 race and get a guaranteed place. They also do an earlybird special at this point. I entered that way last year and it was easy as pie. A lot of big races like this one book up quickly (think London and Edinburgh). The Brighton Marathon is not far behind London and Edinburgh in size and awesomeness but enough advertisement for now and onto some pictures. I only have photos from my mobile to share as you can't really carry anything with you so please excuse the quality.
Walking to the start line. I really could not get lost on my way from the seafront (where we stayed the night before) to the startline in Preston Park.
Preston Park was a sea of runners. The atmosphere was so inspiring and exiting, it was quite overwhelming for me. I have quite a few races under my belt now but nothing ever this big.
The race takes you past the beautiful Brighton Pavillion twice and then mostly along the seafront. I took this picture before the race on my way to the start.
The elite runners passing. We got to see them twice. Once at the start (they start before everyone else from a slightly different start line) and once as they were coming back along the seafront while we were still running out towards the marina. It's amazing watching them run a pace I could not even sprint.
And me, through the finish line, trying to look victorious but really only managing borderline pathetic hahahaha. I had a tough race at mile 19-22, picking up again afterwards.
I finished a lot slower than my first marathon (4:46hrs) but at least it was under 5hrs. I'm very happy with it. Hey I run a bloody marathon!! It sure wasn't my last one but I think I will concentrate on half marathons again for a while to rebuild some speed. I'm also still trying to finish one in under 2 hours.s
This week will be spend recovering, progressing from waddle to walk and enjoying my new piece of running bling. Better than any piece of jewelry can ever be.
Of course I have to mentioned the very sad news the next day from Boston. My heart goes out to all runners and spectators that were there. Most of all to those who lost their lives, got injured and their families. Such a tragedy on a day that should be filled with pride, cheering and joy.
Have you ever run a marathon, or any other distance? Where and when? I hope you had a great time and achieved all your goals, you set.


  1. What an amazing achievement! That's brilliant, you must feel on top of the world. I'm training to run my first 10k, not sure I really want to run much more than that. I have a dream of running in red lipstick wearing some sort of vintage gym outfit...

    P x

    1. Thank you Porcelina, I am still feeding of the achievement.
      10ks are great. For the first 3 years of running, I mainly ran 10k. It's such a good distance as you can really push yourself and get on with life as usual the next day. It leaves you sore but doesn't enable you to walk, take steps etc as the long distances do. I'm only just now getting back to walking normal. I have also just signed up for another 10k in May to have an event to train for. The hair and make up is a great idea. I will keep that an option for myself. As for clothing...when it comes to any sport, I prefer modern sports wear. It's just so much more comfortable, reduces the risk of chafing and keeps sweat and smell at bay. Unfortunately they are not as pretty and cute as ye olde vintage kit. Maybe someone should combine the best of both worlds. I'd buy it. Good luck for your race. You can do it!!!