Some rainy day entertainment for you: Vintage Karl Lagerfeld, Diane von Fuerstenberg, Betsey Johnson and John Weitz

I stumbled over this video a couple of days ago when researching Karl Lagerfeld a little. I'm a huge fan of almost anything he does and find him very inspiring as a person. I hope I will still be as interested in everything around me and creative when I'm his age. I thought you might enjoy this video of a young Karl and of course young Diane von Fuerstenberg and Betsey Johnson, who by the way nailed one of the big trends of the 1980s here. Ithink the Video is from 1980?? It's so outdated and some of the comments and conversation (especially with the audience) made me cringe but it shoes how far we've come since then. I love watching the models strut their stuff, sooooooo different from today's stork like catwalking. I hope you enjoy this little video.

PS, I would totally wear Diane's dresses today. Shows how classic and timeless her style is.

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