Making the most of your fabric. A quick scrap project.

This is a great project for everyone, who hoards all their fabric scraps like me in case that one project comes around where you can use them. This is one of those projects to literally use every last snippet.

I recently bought 2 packs of fat quarters at my local Fabricland (Reading branch) because I liked the patterns so much and because I'm impulsive like that (I'm not a quilter). The prints in the pack came in two different colour options each so I decided to use one print for the main cushion cover part and the other to make a bow detail. I reversed the colours on the other side. You can use bigger scrap fabric pieces instead of fat quarters for this project if you like.

The pattern is super simple and can be made in any size. Since I had fat quarters I wanted to make the most of the fabric and cut the following pieces.
1. The main cushion piece is 13 1/2x13 1/2" (cut 2 one in each fabric)
2. The bow part is 13 1/2"x 5 1/2" (cut 4, two in each fabric)
3. This is a bit of the scraps left for the middle bit of the bow that cinches it together (one in each print). You can make that as wide or narrow as you like or whatever your scraps leave you with. Mine was about 7"x 9" or close to that. You will also need a zip that fits your cushion size. Mine is a 9" zip.

I insert the zip before sewing up the main cushion part as I find it easiest that way. Also sew your bow pieces by putting right sides of the same print together and sew along the long edges. Turn inside out and press. Then lay both bow pieces on top of each other and place them in the center of one of the main cushion pieces (see picture above) Make sure to put down the contrasting fabric first, then the other one. Top with the other cushion piece, right sides of the cushion pieces facing each other, sandwiching the bow pieces in between.
Sew all along the sides, finish seam edges if you want, clip corners and turn inside out through the zip opening and press.
You should end up with a cushion cover with 2contrasting stripes across either side of it. Cinch each stripe in the center and secure with a few stitches.

Fold your center bow piece (right sides facing) and sew along the edges, leaving a bit open to turn it inside out and press. Fold the piece around the chinched middle of you bow and stitch the ends together, hiding the seam on the back side of you bow. I also stiches the loop to the main cusion in a few places to secure in in place.

This is where your scraps come in handy now. You can either stuff the cushion cover directly or make a separate one which can also be made from larger scraps as it doesn't matter what it looks like. It'll be hidden inside your cushion cover. I made mine just 1/2" smaller (13"x13") than the cover to make sure it's not too squished in. Fill your cushion cover and you're done. Display your cushions wherever you like and if you get bored flip them around for a little change.
I hope you liked this little quick project. I hate throwing scraps away and think this is a nice "recycling" idea. The cushions turn out less fluffy this way and make better display cushions than functional pillows.

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  1. Double brilliance... a cushion out of scraps and the cushion itself! Lovely work!


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