A dress for Helen

My friend Helen has asked me to make her a dress for a function in a couple of weeks time and of course I am happy to make her something nice. She send me a few styles she liked and decided on a red and white polka dot halter dress with a full circle skirt and petticoat. We went fabric shopping but couldn't find the right red polka dot material and ordered it in the end. Anyway, tonight I started on my mission to make her exactly the dress she wants and got a lot further than expected. I thought (and I hope you are reading this now, Helen) I will share a bit of my work in progress. I basically frankensteined a few bits from a pattern that I already had to make the basic bodice, drafted a pattern for a full circle skirt and I will make up a wider halter strap and petticoat as well. I got the dress nearly finished tonight and I am very happy with the overall look of it so far. The halter will be in the reverse fabric, white with red polka dot. The spots are bigger on that one but I think it will look lovely all together. After that it's on to the petticoat. I am not looking forward to wrestling will all the tulle and netting but thanks to working in a bridal shop I can cheat a little bit there. I have an off cut from a very full bridal petticoat which is already gathered and ready to be "upcycled" into a new one.

More about this little dress soon.


  1. Hi! Just found your site, looks lovely. And the dotty dress is going to be adorable. Is it your own design or did you have a pattern for it?

  2. Thanks Cinquefoil. This is almost my own pattern apart from the bodice. I used the pattern from the birthday dress a few posts back but I changed the side zip to a back zip and I'll try to soften the V-shape of the neckline into a sweet heart neckline. The skirt and the halter which is still to be drafted and sewn, are my own pattern.
    Enjoy the blog, I hope I can keep it interesting for my followers.